New school year

So the new school year almost here! I’m not really excited:( except for the books of course that’s always fun!

P.S i’m not going to have a deadline anymore so just expect a post everyday except on weekends 🙂

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Weeding the driveway

Sorry for the late post. Its the weekend so i might not get it in time.:( So we weeded the driveway today and its soooooo hot and we only had to weed the tall ones so it wasn’t to hard but its done with so i’m happy!

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Working in the gardon

Well again we’re working in the garden, but this time we’re planting in all the spaces that we pulled the plants yesterday that were done. So we’re heading out now so see ya!

P.S I will try to have a post by 9:00 everyday and then maybe sometime later in the day if something can’t wait till tomorrow.

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Working in the garden

This morning we got up early to work in the garden because its getting hot around 8:45 now and that’s unusual so we weeded and put sticks in the ground and tie them to our tomato’s so that they will grow up not to the side!

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Back in OR :)

So i’m back in Oregon and it’s really hot here. It was 102 couple weeks ago. I was in California at the time, but I was told by my friends/family. So word spreads around here. And it’s been hot ever since. Round 80 to 90 degrees. Not normal weather for Oregon, but it’s nice to get that VD (Vitamin D) and it feels nice.

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Starting blog back up/update

So you guys must have been thinking that this blog is no longer active well you’d be right till now i’m going to start this blog back up and try to be more active. so here’s the update we went to the Grand Canyon and that was really fun we stayed in Sedona,Arizona in an hotel but it was monsoon season and that means that there was lighting storms every evening and a lot of rain but it was quick, And we stayed there for a week and every day it was round 80 to 90 degrees and a lot of humidity, So we swam in the pool so that was better, Then when we left Arizona we went back to are grandparents for one and a half weeks, Then we went home and we’ve been swiming in the river so that was fun and refreshing ok bye bye ttyl

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starwars slavei

this is my new starwars Slavei and i love it its really cool

hope you like it!

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This is soooo fun

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My sprouts!

These are my sprouts and the stages of sprouts hope you enjoy them

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My tooth

Hey guess what? My tooth popped out last night!

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