The Morning Sunrise

I was finishing my chores and looked behind me to see this.


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Cats In Action

Here is a picture collage of our cats. I’m starting to take pictures and make collages. It’s really fun!

Cats Having Fun

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Here Comes the Rain

Well you all the rain has finally come! We worked in the garden this morning! Got a lot done because it was wet (the dirt) so it was easy work and it looks super clean!

P.S. sorry for not posting in a while but their was nothing really to post about.:(

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Computer Science!

My computer program!ng stuff came! This post !s late because ! was busy 🙂 and ! know that ! say that !’m busy a lot but !ts how !t !s so…….

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It’s the day!

Today’s the day that my school books come! I’m so excited! I will post a picture of them this afternoon. See ya!

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Awesome school!

So we ordered some school books for this year! And they are going to be AWESOME! I’m going to start learning computer programing for school! there is a disc for you to put into the computer and a booklet for you to study with. I can not wait for them to come!

P.S. they will come on the 11th so four more days!!

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Neck ache

So the reason I have not been posting is because I got a really bad neck ache! I was on the couch with a heating pad for two days!!!! And now it’s finally starting to die off so that’s nice!

And that’s my excuse for not posting, so deal with it! jk

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Working in the garden…..again!

So again today I was working in the garden. I was working all alone, but it was fun! Anyway, I pulled up some peas and cucumbers. I planted some carrots and lettuce, then I watered them because it was a hot day (but we would have watered them even if it wasn’t hot).

P.S. We’ve been doing a lot of chores lately so that’s why I might not get a post in sometimes.

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Cleaning house:)

We were cleaning the house yesterday, and today, too. 🙂 I had to do some outside jobs, like clean the porches. I had to crush a full garbage can of eggs shells for the chickens, because if you don’t crush them then the chickens will think they can eat eggs they lay. 😦

Ok, bye!

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Town day

Once a week we have a town day. And when we go to town, I go to friends. so that’s why town day is so AWESOME!

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