Working in the garden

This morning we got up early to work in the garden because its getting hot around 8:45 now and that’s unusual so we weeded and put sticks in the ground and tie them to our tomato’s so that they will grow up not to the side!

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8 thoughts on “Working in the garden

  1. Mrs. Turner

    Welcome back to Oregon!
    Your blog looks different–very nice!
    My favorite commercial was the rubiks cube one. I didn’t even know that it could be done with one hand. I’m so limited…..

    • Thanks Mrs Turner! What do you mean by favorite commercial?

      • Mrs. Turner

        Well, the first time I read this post there was a video commercial about cars and a driver racing the passenger who was solving the rubiks cube with one hand. The idea being was the car so fast that the stunt driver would finish the course before the cubist solved the rubiks with one hand. You can probably see it on youtube. Anyway. I went to read your blog again and there was no commercial. Couldn’t find it. Strange. Your posts each had a commercial as well. But not now. Strange.

      • Oh, i guess wordpress is putting adds on my blog!

      • Mrs. Turner

        Do not learn correct punctuation by reading my comments. I repeat. Do not learn correct punctuation by reading my comment.

      • Well, I make mistakes like that on comments. LOL!

  2. echerryboy

    Hey Mikah, this is a really cool blog! Thanks for telling me about it! It’s super fun to know what you guys are up to every day. Can’t wait to get together and go swimming or something! See ya soon.

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