Fort in the hay

Guess what i built a fort today well i guess yesterday when you read it. Well anyway i built a fort and it was AWESOME it had this little spy hole and the spy hole you could bust it out so in all there’s three entries isn’t that cool i know. But it has a tarp over it so that’s the top isn’t that cool and Areli loved it isn’t that cool oops i said that way to much ah, well better go time to eat.
P.S.Oh did i mention that i had to take it down because of milking. Bad milking oops i shouldn’t say that because that’s mean. Milking gives us milk man this is a long p.s oops i just made it longer nooooooooooo ah, well i better go oh i just made it longer again. Bye

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2 thoughts on “Fort in the hay

  1. Martha Bisharat

    The fort is cool, the spy hole is cool, Areli is cool, milking is cool and MIKAH is the coolest ever!

    Very cool story,

    Love you, Tater-tot

    PS It is a cool day today, like 26 degrees cool!!

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