plugged toilet

Well when I came in from watching the girls do milking, I came inside and I asked my mama, “I think your sink is running.” and mama said, “Oh, well, you’d better go turn it off!”, and I went in there and guess what sight met my eyes?? The bathroom floor was flooded!! I went to the toilet, and it was flooding! I rushed back to mom, “Mama! The bathroom floor is flooding!!”. She got up and followed my to the bathroom. She went over to the pipe that goes up to the back tank, and on the pipe, was a little screw, she turned the knob and turned off the toilet.

Then we had to put towels down on the bathroom floor to soak up the toilet water from flooring the carpet outside the bathroom. Then the girls came in, they didn’t believe me when I told me that the bathroom was flooded, but I pulled Naomi into the bathroom and she saw that I was right. :mrgreen: And then…guess what else happened? Well…

I went into us kids’ bathroom to go to the bathroom, and I saw the toilet was filled up with water, so once again, I called mama! And I told mama, “Mama! I’m trying to un-plug the toilet and the toilet water is coming out the sink and shower!!” (it was really gross), Mama came running into the bathroom and she tried un-pluging the toilet and still more yucky water was coming out the other drains!

So now we’re having a plumber come over to fix up the toilets…in a couple hours. It’s SO gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m glad I’m not the plumber, or I’m gonna have to work with that water! Ugh. Yuck. Gross. Disgusting. Revolting. Filthy. Dreadful. Awful. Horrible. Sickening. The poor plumber, don’t you agree?

Okay, well, toodledoo! I’m off to wait for the plumber…doing my school.

Buddy Joe – Mikah Daniel

P.S. Naomi was planning on cleaning her fish tank today…she’ll have to wait until the toilet’s get fixed! Her plants are getting covered in algae, well, not covered, but they do have some agae!

P.S.S. Guess how many words are in this post? 366! Don’t believe it count them yourself!

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3 thoughts on “plugged toilet

  1. Mikah, you are such a brave boy. It was fun to work with you on this project, even though disgusting. But God is good and we will have it fixed very soon! What an adventure is our life! 🙂

  2. Mikah, I’m so sorry to hear that your life has been overflowing today…in some “not so good” stuff. Blech.

    I’m glad that you are able to have a plumber come and help you out today…as soon as possible!

    Plumbing is my husband’s and my dad’s least favorite “chore” in the whole, entire world. So I’m glad that you are able to have a plumber fix everything today. Sorry to hear about this.


    Mrs. Miller

  3. One of my son’s is a plumber and my husband has his master’s plumbers license though he isn’t doing plumbing right now. They both would agree with you, disgusting. Great story Mikah!!

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