Naomi’s New Snake

Well, we were un-staking logs and staking logs yesterday, and guess what? Haniya pulled up a log and a baby snake, about maybe 3 1/2 inches long. And guess what? Naomi kept it in her 10 gallon tank! She has 2 10 gallon tanks and one 1 gallon tank. The 1 gallon tank is plastic. But the others are glass! Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog, sorry I haven’t been writing for a long time. I’m ending my blog now, JUST KIDDING! :mrgreen:

Well, I guess it’s really the end of the post! THE END.

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Mikah Daniel

P.S. The ducklings are SOOOO cute. And…BIG. Bye!

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2 thoughts on “Naomi’s New Snake

  1. Erin VL

    How fun to find a snake! We don’t have snakes up here. A little too chilly for them, I guess!
    So, did you get to hold it? I imagine it the width of your pinky… is that about right? Find any other treasures lately?

  2. Hello! These snakes only come out when it’s warm, where do you live?

    Actually, it is about the width of my pinky! Naomi is training it to let her hold it without the snake really getting scared, so I haven’t held it yet. I will though! 🙂

    Um, well, the lizards are out! They’ve been dashing around on the ground. 🙂 They run SO fast.

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