We used to have lead in the water, but we got it out of the water when Baba put a new water system in.  Then we tested it at a lab, and we got the ‘all clear’.  So now we can drink our ‘lead free’ water!!! :mrgreen:

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4 thoughts on “lead

  1. Isn’t that AWESOME?! I love how cold the water gets now. 🙂

  2. Martha Bisharat

    Hi Mikah!

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG NAME AND THE MESSAGE: “Hope you’ll enjoy my carvings!” Write me sometime when you can, either in email or the blog! Sido and I love you very much.

    Cedar Tree and Tater Tot :LOL:

  3. Martha Bisharat

    It’s me again, Mikah! I forgot to tell you that I am so happy that all the lead is gone too! And it is wonderful to have COLD water. We have COLD water here in Montana from our well too.

    Love you, Tata

  4. NaomiM

    Me too. It’s just so refreshing and cool and nice! 🙂 Over all, it was worth all the effort of re-doing the pipes. 😀

    That pictures of Sally and Rainbow is really sweet, Mikah! 🙂 Your blog is really nice, great job! And I’ve got to say thanks to Haniya for helping Mikah make this blog very enjoyable to hang around on! Thanks, Haniya & Mikah for your awesome partnership!

    Okay, that did not sound like me!! *changes voice to really high-pitched one* I’m off to bed! *coughs* Why do I sound like this? *coughs again* Uh-oh! *runs away*


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