my rhino and me

Mikah’s Song-

I rode a rhino through the door,

I wish he was a little bore

So I had to see if I could buy one…

But I was not__ lucky

So I…got on my rhino’s back

And I rode off to my grandma’s

My Grandma was pleased to see me

But she wasn’t pleased with my rhino…

She chucked me out the door

I got on my rhino’s back and he threw me in a swamp

I saw a crocodile and screamed

The crocodile saw me

I ran up on a tree

The crocodile groaned

The rhino was mean

He trampled the croc

and me……………………………………………


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3 thoughts on “my rhino and me

  1. ForestGirl

    That sounds familiar! 😀 Great post, Buddy Joe!


  2. What a funny song, Mikah! 🙂 I enjoyed reading it and seeing how creative you are. Love, Mama

  3. Really cool, Mikah! 😀 😀 I like the last lines best!

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